Railz pricing scales with your startup

We offer a platform that scales with your Accounting Data-as-a-Service™ needs. We’re happy to build out a custom solution for your needs.

Fintechs integrate with Railz to build their vision

Our API provides fintechs the access they need to build their vision for the future of finance.


Automate lending processes with access to accurate data using Railz API.

Portfolio Management

Monitor your commercial customers’ financials to offer insights, services, and other needs.


Access financial data for real-time decision-making for credit facilitation and more.


Use real-time accounting data to make insurance decisions for your commercial customers.

Wealth Management

Manage your commercial customer investments across multiple platforms.

Trade Finance

View all buyers and sellers, as well as invoices and payments, across international financial data.

Startup Pricing

Get started with Railz completely free! Railz lets you implement everything on a set number of connections in both sandbox and production before you start paying to use our API.

Future of Finance

Start building the future of finance on the Railz API

Interested in our platform but want to see a full demo? Contact our sales team!